Mbelenabiz business plan competition winners

MbeleNaBiz Winners Announcement 2021

The winners of MbeleNaBiz business plan competition that took place in Kenya have finally been notified by email.

How do I know?

Because I am one of the winners, and I thank God for it.

Yesterday, at around 7:38, I received the confirmation email.

Mbelenabiz business plan competition winners 2021

MbeleNaBiz had initially stated hat they will only notify the winners through email.

You can also confirm this by logging to your grant application page available here.


Here is the email I received:

Dear Kegesa Danvas

Application Number: BXXX: Chasing Poverty from Kenyan Youths

Greetings from the MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition team.

Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that your business plan has been selected as 1 of the 750 awardees of the MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition. 

Your business plan titled Delivering Cheap House Construction Technology is being awarded a grant of KES 3,600,000.00. The grant will be disbursed in 3 tranches subject to submission and verification of necessary documents. For the first tranche, the steps are summarized below and further information is detailed in the attachment to this email.

Step 1: Deadline 25 February 2021
Put together and upload ALL documents to the portal https://grants-kpmg-idas.ccgranttracker.com//MyGrants/ProgressReports.aspx?xxxx

Step 2: 26 February 2021
Awards Contracts will be shared with you

Step 3: 1-5 March 2021
Attend the document verification event to be organized in 5 counties in early March. 

MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition Awards Ceremony
We would also like to invite you to the MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition Awards Ceremony. Details of the Awards Ceremony will be shared in a separate email.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter as soon as possible by writing to this hidden email as a reply to this email.

Once again, congratulations on being selected as an MbeleNaBiz awardee. We look forward to the successful setting up or expansion of your business. We will be in touch throughout the process in the run-up to the Awards Ceremony. Please do not hesitate to write to us in case of any challenges.


Competition Manager
MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Competition
Website: https://mbelenabiz.go.ke/ | Email: info@mbelenabiz.go.ke
Document submission portal: https://grants-kpmg-idas.ccgranttracker.com//MyGrants/ProgressReports.aspx?


Disclaimer: MbeleNaBiz will only communicate to you via the official MbeleNaBiz email address and will not require you to pay any fees. This email is intended only for Lynner Nyang’au. Please do not forward this email.


So, the Mbelenabiz business plan competition winners list is out.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate all youth who participated in this competition.

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